I’ve exchanged….What now?

You should now have a Completion Date to move into your new home.This is a variable time period and although 28 days is the standard time, some choose to exchange and complete on the same day whilst others leave months between the two dates and it will be up to you (or your solicitor) to determine what time frame is reasonable. Between exchange and completion is a very exciting time and you can start getting ready to move. During this time, arrangements are made between your solicitor and the mortgagee company to transfer the funds for your new home on completion date.

What should you be doing?

Depending on the type of home you currently live in you may need to give notice on a rental property and book a removal company or ‘man with a van’  if you need one or work out how you are going to move your belongings and any furniture you already have.

  • You will need to book a locksmith to meet you at your new home so that you can be sure that no one else can access your new home.
  • Read all the metres and call the relevant suppliers with them and notify of a change of ownership so you are only billed for what you will use in the future.
  • Arrange for satellite or cable to be fitted and phone lines and broadband to be installed. It is usually a good idea to call as soon as you exchange to arrange a date as they are often booked weeks in advance and you will want them as soon as possible.
  • Decide what belongings you are taking with you- it’s a good excuse for a clear out of all the old junk you don’t need anymore.
  • Notify the council and make sure you are charged the correct council tax.
  • Start looking for furniture if needed, some companies will allow you to give them a specific delivery date so you could have your new bed or sofa delivered to you the day you move in!

Completion Day

The word completion means exactly that- you become the proud owner of your new home. This will normally happen around noon when the solicitors transfer the funds across and the purchase is completed. You will then need to collect the keys from the estate agent if they have been involved in the sale (the solicitor will notify them that you have completed)

You can now start moving all your things into your new home. You can buy a variety of boxes from online sites or some of the storage facilities sell them too. Hanging wardrobe boxes make it easy to move all your clothes for example. Some moving companies will loan you boxes and therefore give you more time to unpack at your leisure. Make sure all boxes are well labelled with the room they need to go in and preferably a list of the contents should you need to find anything.

Keep the kettle, a few mugs, teaspoons, tea, coffee and some biscuits out for your first cup of tea in your new home amongst all the chaos. Also, remember to ensure that any valuables ot sentimental items should always be with you to ensure their safety.